A condo with a $5 million view

One rarely sees homes in our neighborhood selling for less than $1 million, but it happened in June 2008 at 49 Service Street, a short block near Steiner and Lombard. A one bedroom single family home closed at $675,000, setting the bar for the lowest priced single family home sold in the area this year.  

At the other end of the chart, unit 9W at 2190 Broadway (above) is a very special northwest corner condominium with fantastic views from nearly every room. Even though it needs some updating, the unit closed for $5 million — more than $1.5 million over the asking price.

John Fitzgerald, Pacific Union Real Estate

Drawn to Alta Plaza

Noted French artist Daniel Levigoureux made a visit to the neighborhood last month and quickly found his way to Alta Plaza Park, where he was captivated by these Scott Street Victorians.

A merry band of Food Runners

Photograph of Mary Risley by Lucy Gray

By Marjorie Leet Ford

Like Robin Hood and his band of merry men, Mary Risley and her crew of Food Runners take from those who have too much and give to those who don’t have enough.

It all started when she realized she had a problem at Tante Marie, her cooking school: Her student chefs couldn’t eat as much as they cooked. Tante Marie had too much food — really good food — while people all over San Francisco went hungry.

One day Risley found herself with five wedding cakes. She took them to Glide Memorial Church, and Rev. Cecil Williams nearly fainted. Another Sunday she took him seven boned ducks stuffed with veal pate.

Then she got the idea for Food Runners.
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A clubby spot for locals

Bellying up to Fillmore's latest Long Bar.

By Chris Barnett

The first long bar I ever bellied up to was reputedly the original Long Bar, inside Raffles Hotel in Singapore, birthplace of the cloyingly sweet Singapore Sling.

During Fillmore’s jazz era, the Long Bar at 1633 Fillmore, next door to Woolworth’s, boasted of having one of the longest bars in the world. It stretched from the front door on Fillmore all the way back — a full block — to Steiner Street.

Fast forward to 2008. The Long Bar has returned to Fillmore as a saloon and bistro at 2298 Fillmore, at the corner of Clay. There are no jazz singers or piano players, but the place has a nice feel the minute you walk in the door and has commanded a crowd from day one, which was June 12. Two hours after it opened, it was full.
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