Electric lights arrived at Christmas, 1896

“Fillmore Street Lights Its Lamps,” the Chronicle reported on December 24, 1896. “Crowds Throng the Walks,” the headlines announced. “Brilliant lights and colors abound — a dazzling spectacle with an accompaniment of music.”
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A family name fades away

For 67 years, Deovlet and Sons sold furniture at 1660 Pine Street.

By Joe Beyer

It won’t be long now before the fading neon sign proclaiming Deovlet and Sons Furniture on the shuttered storefront at 1660 Pine Street gives way to the wrecking ball and a pair of condominium towers begins to rise. But for 67 years, Deovlet and Sons — known as “the Friendly Furniture Folks” — served thousands of neighborhood residents from its one and only location between Van Ness Avenue and Franklin Street.
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